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Names from Myth and Legend

List of names from myth and legend suitable for fantasy characters.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Tantalus Male Greek Tantalize
Terpsichore Female Greek Dancing
Thalia Female Greek Comedy and poetry
Themis Female Greek Goddess of justice in Greek mythology
Theseus Male Greek Hero in Greek mythology
Thor Male Norse God of thunder in Norse mythology
Thoth Male Egyptian God of wisdom in Egyptian mythology
Tristan Male Celtic Tumalt
Triton Male Greek God messenger of the sea in Greek mythology
Try Male Norse God of war in Norse mythology
Tyche Female Greek Goddess of fortune in Greek mythology
Tyrell Male Scandinavian Thunder ruler
Tira Female Scandinavian Thor's battle
Titania Female Shakespearian Fairy queen in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tam Lin Male Old English Man captured by fairies in Norfolk folklore
Name Sex Origin Meaning