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Names from Myth and Legend

List of names from myth and legend suitable for fantasy characters.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Maia Female Greek May
Manannan Male Celtic God of the sea in Celtic mythology
Manes Male Roman God of the underworld in Roman mythology
Manu Male Sanskrit Giver of laws
Mars Male Roman God of war in Roman mythology
Medea Female Greek Cunning or wise
Medusa Female Greek Gorgon with snakes for hair in Greek mythology
Meleager Male Greek Boar hunter in Greek mythology
Melpomene Female Greek Tragedy
Melusine Female French Guardian of the home in French mythology
Menelaus Male Greek Husband of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology
Mercury Male Roman God of invention in Roman mythology
Merlin Male Celtic Sea hill
Minerva Female Roman Goddess of wisdom in Roman mythology
Minos Male Greek King of Crete in Greek mythology
Morpheus Male Greek God of dreams or sleep in Greek mythology
Mab Female Shakespearian Fairy queen in Romeo and Juliet
Moth Neutral Shakespearian Fairy servant in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Mustardseed Neutral Shakespearian Fairy servant in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Maleficent Female English Wicked fairy queen in Sleeping Beauty
Morgan Le Fey Female Old English Enchantress in Arthurian legend
Name Sex Origin Meaning