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Nature Inspired Fantasy Names

Fantasy names based on nature and natural objects.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Sable Female French Black
Sachet Female Latin Perfumed
Saffron Neutral Old English Saffron
Sage Female Latin Wise, dull blue green
Sandy Female Scottish Defender of mankind
Satordi Male French Saturn
Scarlet Female English Bright red
Season Neutral French Season
Sequoia Neutral American Redwood
Sienna Female Italian Reddish brown
Silver Female Old English Lustrous
Sky Neutral Scottish The isle of Skye
Snow Female Unknown Snow
Sorrel Female French Reddish brown
Spring Female English Springtime
Star Female Latin Star
Sterling Male Old English Valuable
Stone Male Old English Stone
Storm Male English Tempestuous
Stormy Female English Tempestuous
Summer Female Old English The warmest season of the year
Sunny Neutral English Bright or cheerful
Name Sex Origin Meaning