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Names from Myth and Legend

List of names from myth and legend suitable for fantasy characters.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Acheron Male Greek River of woes in Greek mythology
Achilles Male Greek Hero in Greek mythology
Actaeon Male Greek Theban hero in Greek mythology
Admetus Male Greek King of Pherae in Greek mythology
Adonis Male Greek Handsome lover of Aphrodite in Greek mythology
Aeacus Male Greek Goat skin shield in Greek mythology
Aegeus Male Greek Founding king of Athens in Greek mythology
Aegir Male Norse God of the sea in Norse mythology
Aegyptus Male Greek Egyptian king in Greek mythology
Aeneas Male Greek Trojan hero in Greek/Roman mythology
Aeolus Male Greek God of the winds in Greek mythology
Agamemnon Male Greek Hero in Greek mythology
Ajax Male Greek Alas
Alberich Male Teutonic A dwarf in Germanic mythology
Amphion Male Greek Twin founder of Thebes in Greek mythology
Androcles Male Roman Slave who befriended a lion in Roman mythology
Antaeus Male Greek One who is opposite
Anubis Male Egyptian God of death in Egyption mythology
Apollo Male Greek God of youth and beauty in Greek mythology
Aquilo Male Roman The north wind in Roman mythology
Ares Male Greek War
Argus Male Greek Watchful
Asclepius Male Greek God of medicine in Greek mythology
Atlas Male Greek Titan who upholds the world in Greek mythology
Ariel Neutral Shakespearian Spiteful fairy in The Tempest
Name Sex Origin Meaning