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Names from Myth and Legend

List of names from myth and legend suitable for fantasy characters.

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Name Sex Origin Meaning
Cacus Male Roman Fire breathing giant in Roman mythology
Cadmus Male Greek One who excels, founder of Thebes in Greek mythlology
Calliope Female Greek Epic poetry
Callisto Female Greek Bear
Cassandra Female Greek Doom
Cassiopeia Female Greek Boastful
Cecrops Male Greek Founder of Athens in Greek mythology
Ceres Female Roman Goddess of agriculture in Roman mythology
Charis Female Greek Charity, grace or kindness
Charon Male Greek Ferryman of Hades in Greek mythology
Chiron Male Greek Centaur in Greek mythology
Clio Female Greek Glorifier
Cronus Male Greek King of Titans and god of time in Greek mythology
Cupid Male Roman God of love in Roman mythology
Cobweb Neutral Shakespearian Fairy servant in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Name Sex Origin Meaning